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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Moany Britons & Scapegoats

I understand its pathetic and ironic that I am moaning myself about this so it makes me like them, but by me understanding this does it make me a hypocrite?

lately if you have been noticing your grass dying you will understand that it has been getting rather toasty whether wise in England at the moment. Despite work I am enjoying the sunny rose tinted "makes everything pretty" whether. Then I turn on the news and see people complaining its too hot, people of all ethnicities sexes and ages just lounging around in the sun of London in a park. Ungrateful bloody sods we have shitty grey whether for most of the year which they complain about as well, then we get some heat and they can't hack it. What about the people that have to work in it builders, firemen in suites (fire pro, police officers in full uniform ( thick stab proof vest). These are the the people who don't have the necessity of aircon but they are still working outside, firemen have it the worse putting out grass fires left right and centre.

I just want to say to all of them fucking suck it up and enjoy it or go hide in a cave. Thanks to mass pollution we get the lovely added UV and equator like climates (I know I am exaggerating) and people just go on about it like they are worse off.

that's all I have to say I won't draw it out any further.

I'll just rant about another subject that pissed me off a certain person complaining at me for following orders that would lead to them doing me more work, which they would have had to of done anyway. Using me as a fucking scapegoat just because of was bringing the items down to the warehouse. Lets blame the soldiers fighting the far not Tony or George it does not matter that it is their job to serve their country and if they are called they have to, that example is in many ways how their mentality works. They don't see the source of the problem they just see a tool of what is creating it and blame them.

Blame the soldiers not the politicians!
Shoot the messenger he is the bringer of the bad news.
Blame Einstein he made the nuclear bomb.
Blame the calculator for getting the sum wrong.
Blame the P2P networks for the material on there.

That is this persons mentality and that is how they see things, looking at the glass and not through it, unable to properly see who is responsible for the small difficulties in their life and its just because they can't be bothered to read between the lines.

I am just following orders, I am just a messenger, I am not a scapegoat.


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