Peace Bomb

Monday, May 29, 2006

Quick It's HDTV

Its been a while since I have posted anything here so here I am. HDTV's are no out and so are the services such as Sky HDTV, but it seems many people don't understand the true concept of HDTV and are simply buying the televisions for the way they look and the boasted "perfect picture quality". After many people have purchased these lovely flat televisions it seems many of them hook their none HDTV DVD player up to it and watch their none HDTV cable television with it not seeming to notice the difference or care.

It seems many members of the general public with no real information on the subject have just fallen for the futuristic flat space saving high definition picture quality and brought into it, without even taking the time to understand that they also require broadcast services or another DVD player to be able to view to high definition television.

This in many cases just proves that you can sell anybody anything if they believe it is what it is. My personal opinion of HDTV at the moment is that normal TV viewers should not buy into it yet, the is far too many hidden costs such as paying for a subscription in order to have those HD shows streamed to your set. Currently HDTV seems useful for those who are extreme audio video movie viewing obsessed people who demand the best and understand the concept of HDTV.