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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sikh Religion Logo

I don't really know if anyone else noticed this sort of thing but I did, as I make my way around the west midlands where I live there is often Sikh religion symbols everywhere. But not in the normal locations like places of prayer very odd places like on the mobile phone cases of young Indian teenagers and t-shirts, hoodies, gates, air fresheners and car badges. I was just thinking is this slightly blasphemous to sort of turn the religious symbol as a kind of corporate logo plastered over mobile phone cases?

Is kind of merchandising corporatising the symbol of the Sikh religion and turning it into more of a logo?

Why do young Sikhs like to advertise their religion unlike the youth of many other religions?

Has the merchandising of all these logo's everywhere made the religious symbol loose its meaning and some less meaningful and tacky?

Other products in the array of this merchandise include car wheel centers sold on eBay, aswell as a number of other products such as "Don't Freak I'm a Sikh T-shirts" and orange "Sikh Pride" charity bands. I don't know maybe its just me that thinks its a little out of control when so many commercial items and fads are stamped with a religious symbol. It's strange how many Sikh youth see advertising their religion as part of the "bling" culture of many of today's youth.

Imagine seeing Christian youth or Jewish youth wearing massive diamond encrusted crosses or stars are David and flash mobile phone cases with the same insignia embossed onto them. It seems in the UK the merchandising of this religion exists, could this be due to the fact that a eastern religion has moved to a place of such capitalism, greed and money. Could this be a just another way of expressing praise in a country impossible to uphold all of the true commandments of such a religion.

A few more interesting items which can all be brought on eBay:
a nice stylish bag
some Sikh bling
key chain


  • I think it is more a case of young Sikh's are far more proud of their religion than Christians or Jew's.

    By Blogger Tom Jemmett, at 9:26 AM  

  • Yeah it is true, but is putting a religous symbol on everything you have is not really pride, its advertising.

    By Blogger scraggy, at 6:07 PM  

  • For one shows that we are not muslim to non-sikhs and two yes we are very proud to be a Sikh of the Guru. I converted to Sikhism from being Christian. Now I notice Christians just like to wear a cross and not act accordingly, and us Sikhs act accordingly and wear the"Khanda Sahib."Thats what that symbol is called. Wikipedia has references that explain Sikhi so you can understand why and what it is. SatNam

    By Blogger Pritam Singh Khalsa, at 5:11 PM  

  • I think religious symbols displayed by young Sikh generation tends to give wrong ideas and impression on the world. Youngsters,mostly boys,who are clean shaven and had their hir cut,diplaying religious symbols is just hypocrisy. When the people who don't believe or practice ideologies of sikhism in their daily lives wear these is just showing off and nothing else. So I can only say this thing that if u cann't practice sikhism yourself,then please don't send a wrong impression world across.

    By Blogger Spiritual Flame, at 4:29 AM  

  • if u comment upon using KHANDA SAHIB as a logo....then lemme remind u mr.... chritians used their logo CROSS when they were on crusades....they bore it on their shiels, clothes and everywhere...... and wen u take it to sikhs...we are one of the smallest but yet one of FAMOUS relegions of world......our ideas are new and practical..... it doesn't matter if a person is clean shaven or has grown hair..... wat matters is wat they have in heart.......sikhs have the PUREST heart.... theey don't have evils in their heart....... and bearing a relegious symbol means..... we are proud of wat we are.... and if u notice clearly...that symbol is made of 2 SWORDS, 1 DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, 1 CIRCULAR BOOMRANG.....they all are weapons.... that means sikhs are always ready to FIGHT against INJUSTICE and INHUMANISM..... that's y sikhs bear that logo..... to spread our believes and to tell how proud we are.1!!!!!

    By Blogger vinny, at 9:59 AM  

  • I don't know why people are commenting on t-shirts with khanda sahab. we don't kill anyone for religion. its a tradition to print khanda sahab on things even back in india. i love it. i have got t shirt with singh is king. you need guts to do publicity about ur religion.
    dr singh

    By Blogger googlewebcreation, at 1:20 PM  

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