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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Salt Wars

Oh what a silly shitty little rant!

As the media and "health experts" tell us more and more we have bad diets and that the is far too much salt content in our food it seems to of made an impact of companies too. Desperatly trying to take as much salt from their products as possible without compromising on the taste, and when this is sucessful they flaunt it. Not only to do say "we have now got X% less salt" but also comparing their salt levels to other similar products "we have X grams less fat / salt content than mini chedders" the primary example of this is Walkers and their triangles, who have quickly jumped on the low salt train making their corigated cardboard potatohead crisps. Change of plan now fuck the taste just get all the salt and fat out of it, as a little fightback from Walkers cheesy triangle spokesman demonizing their chedders McVities took 30% of fat out of their Minature Chedders. Then boasting this on their product packets that they are then more healthy.

I just think that if this continues happening everything we have will taste like rivita.


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