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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Music Blog Revolution

The music blog revolution does not seem to have been noticed by the media yet and who knows how long it will take, but lately music blogs have became my primary source of discovering new music as well as the other odvious ways such as support bands at gigs and unsigned radio hours. But music blogs now have seemed to take over making it so easy for me to find new bands listing what ever they find new and posting it, it almost makes me feel guilty its just so easy.

Mainly most of the music blogs supply downloads upload by them and hosted by websites such as and that make ad based revenue for each download hit. This plus many free blog services has lead to a quantum leap in music blogs where find a album is as simple as hitting in a few keywords into google blog search. These little closed music blogs have created many little clusters of music trading community’s often strange genres or rare albums are traded, leading to what I believe as the sneaky little closed piracy groups which have been operating under the nose of the RIAA, MPAA and the general media for almost a year now. As most people know torrent sites are quite often mentioned by the media and the client itself also, but the boom of these ad based revenue generating websites is still unnoticed. Even if these were discovered removing the files would be near impossible due to the mass amounts of password protected content.

This combination of these free blogging services and free file hosting sites has sort of created a kind of social internet quantum leap the old 2+2 = 5 situation (I love radiohead) where everyone can project their own favourite unsigned album in there little mini closed off personal communities. I believe that if the RIAA and the MPAA continue the way they are going suing people who download instead of distribute then these little mini closed off communities will be many peoples primary source of music downloading. Seems very far fetched and dark for the future of the internet hiding in mini communities to escape being charged but it may be nesscery, and these kinds of communities maybe many peoples only safe heaven for being able to share music for free.

But whether or not these blogs are going to be a important step towards the new and evil digital world of the internet where downloading a popular song can land you with a punishment, music blogs are amazing at allowing people to project their personal tastes to show others and expand and broaden views.


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