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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Decline of Radio

The old "wireless" is now becoming digital but radio stations playing music are getting worse and worse relying of so many ads between songs but worst of all the amount of commercial music playing, radio stations never often play anything that is slightly less unknown or different it always seems to be the latest crap that is already overplayed. Not enough less well known bands are played it seems as if the radio does not want to give support to these bands, I understand that the is a unsigned hour which was touched upon on the last entry but still the relentless playing of such commercial music, even on kerrang and radio 1 gets very frustrating when your looking for variety and fed up of your mp3 players and you end up with even more same old stuff.

I can't understand why radio stations devoted to alternative and rock music are so commercial in their choices of music, I don't know about everyone but I do not want the same shit played over and over again I want new material, "and that was 'new song' played for the 25th time today hope you enjoyed that" if these guys are not careful then they are in danger of loosing even more listeners. The are tonnes of signed bands which don't get enough recognition which would welcome their record to be played with no royalties, but no! that band is not well known enough. Many requests are turned down for this reason also I don't know if the radio station producers are actually trying to give the listeners what they want or just being so cooperate because they are brought x amount of plays for the record. Either way musically radio has a lot to be desired and I will start listening when they start playing better material.


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