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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Call centers

Call centers the spawn of Satan or the worlds best form of advertisement, do they secretly contain a effectiveness that nobody actually knows about? Nobody stops to think about the figures after they have slammed the phone down not before giving the seller a torrent of abuse and how many people actually buy what those commission paid workers actually attempt to sell.
Call centers must be doing something right if they have managed to survive this long, I suppose its a matter of comparing labor costs (very low in India) to the cost of the products being sold (double glazing and insurance), then if we consider the amount of people that actually buy lets say 1 in 50 we get profit!

The question is are Call centers really bad things are they that annoying do you get these "spam calls" that often? They supply thousands of jobs to people here and over seas if they are doing that then how bad can it be. It's pretty obvious somebody wants them to stay open due to the telemarketing regulations act which although creates certain rules ensures they are still open and working within the full extent of the law.

I mean myself I hate telemarketing calls and I often string them along for as long as possible "you have won a free prize" "ohh can I have a speed boat!" "would you like to buy some double glazing "can you double glaze my greenhouse", what an age of technology we live in where you can make somebody's job hard just by speaking. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that the is a real human at the end of the phone I mean where do these people live and work, is the some dark underworld of telemarketers.

But I do sometimes consider a world without telemarketing and how it would affect employment in the fragile economy's of Britain and India, what would actually happen to all those telemarketers if they did not have their cubicle jobs? How many jobs would actually be lost? I don't know myself I just want you to think about it and maybe drop me a comment about what you think. Out of prospects I don't think I would get a job in a Call Centre becoming what I hate so much, and maybe the 2nd worst technical support a genius who can only talk to idiots.


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