Peace Bomb

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Salt Wars

Oh what a silly shitty little rant!

As the media and "health experts" tell us more and more we have bad diets and that the is far too much salt content in our food it seems to of made an impact of companies too. Desperatly trying to take as much salt from their products as possible without compromising on the taste, and when this is sucessful they flaunt it. Not only to do say "we have now got X% less salt" but also comparing their salt levels to other similar products "we have X grams less fat / salt content than mini chedders" the primary example of this is Walkers and their triangles, who have quickly jumped on the low salt train making their corigated cardboard potatohead crisps. Change of plan now fuck the taste just get all the salt and fat out of it, as a little fightback from Walkers cheesy triangle spokesman demonizing their chedders McVities took 30% of fat out of their Minature Chedders. Then boasting this on their product packets that they are then more healthy.

I just think that if this continues happening everything we have will taste like rivita.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Call centers

Call centers the spawn of Satan or the worlds best form of advertisement, do they secretly contain a effectiveness that nobody actually knows about? Nobody stops to think about the figures after they have slammed the phone down not before giving the seller a torrent of abuse and how many people actually buy what those commission paid workers actually attempt to sell.
Call centers must be doing something right if they have managed to survive this long, I suppose its a matter of comparing labor costs (very low in India) to the cost of the products being sold (double glazing and insurance), then if we consider the amount of people that actually buy lets say 1 in 50 we get profit!

The question is are Call centers really bad things are they that annoying do you get these "spam calls" that often? They supply thousands of jobs to people here and over seas if they are doing that then how bad can it be. It's pretty obvious somebody wants them to stay open due to the telemarketing regulations act which although creates certain rules ensures they are still open and working within the full extent of the law.

I mean myself I hate telemarketing calls and I often string them along for as long as possible "you have won a free prize" "ohh can I have a speed boat!" "would you like to buy some double glazing "can you double glaze my greenhouse", what an age of technology we live in where you can make somebody's job hard just by speaking. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that the is a real human at the end of the phone I mean where do these people live and work, is the some dark underworld of telemarketers.

But I do sometimes consider a world without telemarketing and how it would affect employment in the fragile economy's of Britain and India, what would actually happen to all those telemarketers if they did not have their cubicle jobs? How many jobs would actually be lost? I don't know myself I just want you to think about it and maybe drop me a comment about what you think. Out of prospects I don't think I would get a job in a Call Centre becoming what I hate so much, and maybe the 2nd worst technical support a genius who can only talk to idiots.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Decline of Radio

The old "wireless" is now becoming digital but radio stations playing music are getting worse and worse relying of so many ads between songs but worst of all the amount of commercial music playing, radio stations never often play anything that is slightly less unknown or different it always seems to be the latest crap that is already overplayed. Not enough less well known bands are played it seems as if the radio does not want to give support to these bands, I understand that the is a unsigned hour which was touched upon on the last entry but still the relentless playing of such commercial music, even on kerrang and radio 1 gets very frustrating when your looking for variety and fed up of your mp3 players and you end up with even more same old stuff.

I can't understand why radio stations devoted to alternative and rock music are so commercial in their choices of music, I don't know about everyone but I do not want the same shit played over and over again I want new material, "and that was 'new song' played for the 25th time today hope you enjoyed that" if these guys are not careful then they are in danger of loosing even more listeners. The are tonnes of signed bands which don't get enough recognition which would welcome their record to be played with no royalties, but no! that band is not well known enough. Many requests are turned down for this reason also I don't know if the radio station producers are actually trying to give the listeners what they want or just being so cooperate because they are brought x amount of plays for the record. Either way musically radio has a lot to be desired and I will start listening when they start playing better material.

Music Blog Revolution

The music blog revolution does not seem to have been noticed by the media yet and who knows how long it will take, but lately music blogs have became my primary source of discovering new music as well as the other odvious ways such as support bands at gigs and unsigned radio hours. But music blogs now have seemed to take over making it so easy for me to find new bands listing what ever they find new and posting it, it almost makes me feel guilty its just so easy.

Mainly most of the music blogs supply downloads upload by them and hosted by websites such as and that make ad based revenue for each download hit. This plus many free blog services has lead to a quantum leap in music blogs where find a album is as simple as hitting in a few keywords into google blog search. These little closed music blogs have created many little clusters of music trading community’s often strange genres or rare albums are traded, leading to what I believe as the sneaky little closed piracy groups which have been operating under the nose of the RIAA, MPAA and the general media for almost a year now. As most people know torrent sites are quite often mentioned by the media and the client itself also, but the boom of these ad based revenue generating websites is still unnoticed. Even if these were discovered removing the files would be near impossible due to the mass amounts of password protected content.

This combination of these free blogging services and free file hosting sites has sort of created a kind of social internet quantum leap the old 2+2 = 5 situation (I love radiohead) where everyone can project their own favourite unsigned album in there little mini closed off personal communities. I believe that if the RIAA and the MPAA continue the way they are going suing people who download instead of distribute then these little mini closed off communities will be many peoples primary source of music downloading. Seems very far fetched and dark for the future of the internet hiding in mini communities to escape being charged but it may be nesscery, and these kinds of communities maybe many peoples only safe heaven for being able to share music for free.

But whether or not these blogs are going to be a important step towards the new and evil digital world of the internet where downloading a popular song can land you with a punishment, music blogs are amazing at allowing people to project their personal tastes to show others and expand and broaden views.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sikh Religion Logo

I don't really know if anyone else noticed this sort of thing but I did, as I make my way around the west midlands where I live there is often Sikh religion symbols everywhere. But not in the normal locations like places of prayer very odd places like on the mobile phone cases of young Indian teenagers and t-shirts, hoodies, gates, air fresheners and car badges. I was just thinking is this slightly blasphemous to sort of turn the religious symbol as a kind of corporate logo plastered over mobile phone cases?

Is kind of merchandising corporatising the symbol of the Sikh religion and turning it into more of a logo?

Why do young Sikhs like to advertise their religion unlike the youth of many other religions?

Has the merchandising of all these logo's everywhere made the religious symbol loose its meaning and some less meaningful and tacky?

Other products in the array of this merchandise include car wheel centers sold on eBay, aswell as a number of other products such as "Don't Freak I'm a Sikh T-shirts" and orange "Sikh Pride" charity bands. I don't know maybe its just me that thinks its a little out of control when so many commercial items and fads are stamped with a religious symbol. It's strange how many Sikh youth see advertising their religion as part of the "bling" culture of many of today's youth.

Imagine seeing Christian youth or Jewish youth wearing massive diamond encrusted crosses or stars are David and flash mobile phone cases with the same insignia embossed onto them. It seems in the UK the merchandising of this religion exists, could this be due to the fact that a eastern religion has moved to a place of such capitalism, greed and money. Could this be a just another way of expressing praise in a country impossible to uphold all of the true commandments of such a religion.

A few more interesting items which can all be brought on eBay:
a nice stylish bag
some Sikh bling
key chain