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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mactel Copy Cats

I'm sure millions of people have already blogged about this but sod it, it's just a great excuse to take advantage of my colleges photoshop facilities with their expensive grants. Sometimes I wonder if they did do a deal with the devil to get the amazing array of software they have such as Photoshop CS2. But before I drift off talking about my life and uninteresting events in it I will get back onto the subject in hand.

Its about Intel new alliance with Apple and despite all of their corporate power they copy a music video for their advert for the new Intel Mac, before I go further below listed are the two music videos (upped onto google video).

Postal Service - Such Great Heights

I want to download it because its so pretty!

The link posted above is the music video made by a stem off band of death cab for cutie called postal service. Mixing their emotionally sensitive lyrics with upbeat electronic music to make a great album which I never seem to tire of. The video from what I can see is set in a hard drive factory where platters are created in order for the electro magnetic information to written onto them by the heads. The video gives an amazing insight into the way that computer parts are made showing high speed machinery and chip board waver inspection facilities, making a good contrast between such a articulate song in such a mechanical environment where people walk around in white air tight suites. A excellent video and the furthest away from what I would of expected like two partners on a mountain.

Now that you have carefully watched the video and enjoyed the music and want to download the album (BUY IT) then now you can analyze this 2nd video by Mactel.

Mactel a new evil!
I want laugh show me the funny one
Another one

Aside from the piss taking which Mactel deserved look at how badly the music video was plagiarized, I mean they did not even try and made it suttle they just went straight out there and cloned the dam thing. Did they think nobody would notice was the some guys in the brainstorming session pitching their ideas "I know lets copy that postal service music video and just put some of our wow the future is here music over the top of it. Nobody will know we copied it if we just change the music!"

Usually companies will plagiarize the competitors adverts and revamp them to make them look better but it seems Mactel copied postal services video out of pure laziness, they could not be bothered to make their own real advert for it saw a good already used idea and used it. Maybe its some mass plan to sell Mactel computers I don't know only time will tell I just want the to be some court cases.

Let the horror begin!


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