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Thursday, March 23, 2006

BT ADSL Overlords

BT - British Telecom

The world of entertainment is here with broadband and excellent advertisement saturated cable services. But not everyone can have broadband due to the slowly decomposing state of many copper phonelines in the UK, ASDL uses newer phone lines to transport large amounts of data using these reasonably new phone lines which were only intended for audio conversations. Many areas still do not have broadband due to the bad quality of their phone lines in the local, but when the replacement of these lines to be replaced and a BT exchange to be installed in a small village or cluster of homes BT denies this request and thousands of homes are left without broadband. Sometimes phonelines dont even need to be replaced and the area simply needs to be hooked up to the nearest BT exchange.

BT basically has the monopoly over all phonelines and ADSL access points in Britain and are abusing this by ignoring the small clusters in villages and towns who cannot access the internet due to the quality of phone lines and the lack of underground cabling. It appears that BT only care about the big money line installs and have no real care for the customer. When the broadband revolution came about BT made a "promise" that it would give ADSL broadband access to 99.6% of the UK and they claim they have did this and don't need to try and help people anymore. But this is a lie and BT know it the is will thousands of people who cannot get access to broadband internet because BT don't think it will pay off fast enough.

I can't see just why they don't just replace the lines at request and stop being such money grabbing bastards who let the little places suffer, eventually all lines will be replaced to digital or at least a high quality line anyway so they are just prolonging what they know is inevitable. These people in the technological blackout areas have been labeled the losers in the broadband lottery, a lottery that was rigged.

The is many ADSL companies but they all rely on BT's exchanges in order to work correctly because BT controls the phonelinesm, so bulldog may open the gate to broadband but BT owns the sodding field. People may fight and petition for the right to have the phonelines installed but BT have the final say the lords of ASDL. Cable companies cannot route underground wiring from such long distances although cable is sometimes an alternative ASDL is the only real cost efficient alternative.


  • ADSL is a shit technology anyway. ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is shit because the data transfer rates are different in each direction, so you almost always get a slower upload than download speed. Another thing about ADSL is connection ratio's, which in the UK is usually 50:1. I.e. 50 people to 1 line.
    What we really need is fibre optic cable, like in Japan. There, a comparable Internet package is about 100 Mbps, compared to maybe 1 Mbps over here.
    It's the same story in the US too - we are not getting fast Internet at all.

    By Blogger Tom Jemmett, at 3:19 PM  

  • The US are actually less developed than us when it comes to internet speeds due to the quality of their telecommunications networks. ADSL is basically a quick fix solution to a problem which is going to go on for years until something is done about it. I am proud to say im on cable internet.

    Local loop unbundling will just be another quick fix solution to the ADSL problem.

    By Blogger scraggy, at 3:23 PM  

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