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Friday, March 24, 2006

Religion and School

This post was inspired by Boris Johnson MP, Shadow Education Minister and his libertarian Tory ways towards this subject on question time last night.

As everyone who watches the news knows the has been a court case about a Muslim girl who has sent home for wearing her hijab the classic dress code of Muslims mainly the head scarf is most recognised when the word hijab is said. The girl lost the court case and the school managed to keep their specific dress code without having to change it for Islam. In my opinion I would allow the wearing of the hijab but then what they say when I cant wear my lamb flesh coat to school because I'm a Satanist they let the other religion wear their strange clothing. The government odviously recognizes the religion Islam in this country but religion not just Islam many times can appear to bypass the law and break rules because its a religion. Which is why a line has to be drawn to what rules are acceptable for a religion to bend and how quickly a religion is fully recognized as established by the government.

There are only so many religions that a school can accommodate in order to maintain a correctly dress code. I personally think uniforms should be kept one of the reasons why they exist is to maintain a type of equality but this is useless when the Satanists come along in their lamb flesh coats with tattoos on theirs are 3cm flesh hoops. Many people then begin saying "well they cant stay here they are different they look higher than the other kids in their snazy lamb flesh jackets and their big flesh hoops lets move them to another school". That's called segregation what the uniform was meant to stop in the first place now all the Muslims are in one school and all the Satanist in another.

Then you have the crowds of people who want to stop uniforms because they say "it takes away the child's individuality" well if clothes are the only thing which makes your child individual than you have a pretty pathetic excuse for a child.

As for private schools and their choice in what child wears what that's their choice due to it being a private school, but a certain policy should be made for public schools. There is a new problem with new religions and their customs coming into schools with already strictly established rules and the will have to be discussions.

In my opinion you cant win whatever you do your denying some freedom or segregating somebody whatever choice is made or denying people their human rights.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

BT ADSL Overlords

BT - British Telecom

The world of entertainment is here with broadband and excellent advertisement saturated cable services. But not everyone can have broadband due to the slowly decomposing state of many copper phonelines in the UK, ASDL uses newer phone lines to transport large amounts of data using these reasonably new phone lines which were only intended for audio conversations. Many areas still do not have broadband due to the bad quality of their phone lines in the local, but when the replacement of these lines to be replaced and a BT exchange to be installed in a small village or cluster of homes BT denies this request and thousands of homes are left without broadband. Sometimes phonelines dont even need to be replaced and the area simply needs to be hooked up to the nearest BT exchange.

BT basically has the monopoly over all phonelines and ADSL access points in Britain and are abusing this by ignoring the small clusters in villages and towns who cannot access the internet due to the quality of phone lines and the lack of underground cabling. It appears that BT only care about the big money line installs and have no real care for the customer. When the broadband revolution came about BT made a "promise" that it would give ADSL broadband access to 99.6% of the UK and they claim they have did this and don't need to try and help people anymore. But this is a lie and BT know it the is will thousands of people who cannot get access to broadband internet because BT don't think it will pay off fast enough.

I can't see just why they don't just replace the lines at request and stop being such money grabbing bastards who let the little places suffer, eventually all lines will be replaced to digital or at least a high quality line anyway so they are just prolonging what they know is inevitable. These people in the technological blackout areas have been labeled the losers in the broadband lottery, a lottery that was rigged.

The is many ADSL companies but they all rely on BT's exchanges in order to work correctly because BT controls the phonelinesm, so bulldog may open the gate to broadband but BT owns the sodding field. People may fight and petition for the right to have the phonelines installed but BT have the final say the lords of ASDL. Cable companies cannot route underground wiring from such long distances although cable is sometimes an alternative ASDL is the only real cost efficient alternative.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mactel Copy Cats

I'm sure millions of people have already blogged about this but sod it, it's just a great excuse to take advantage of my colleges photoshop facilities with their expensive grants. Sometimes I wonder if they did do a deal with the devil to get the amazing array of software they have such as Photoshop CS2. But before I drift off talking about my life and uninteresting events in it I will get back onto the subject in hand.

Its about Intel new alliance with Apple and despite all of their corporate power they copy a music video for their advert for the new Intel Mac, before I go further below listed are the two music videos (upped onto google video).

Postal Service - Such Great Heights

I want to download it because its so pretty!

The link posted above is the music video made by a stem off band of death cab for cutie called postal service. Mixing their emotionally sensitive lyrics with upbeat electronic music to make a great album which I never seem to tire of. The video from what I can see is set in a hard drive factory where platters are created in order for the electro magnetic information to written onto them by the heads. The video gives an amazing insight into the way that computer parts are made showing high speed machinery and chip board waver inspection facilities, making a good contrast between such a articulate song in such a mechanical environment where people walk around in white air tight suites. A excellent video and the furthest away from what I would of expected like two partners on a mountain.

Now that you have carefully watched the video and enjoyed the music and want to download the album (BUY IT) then now you can analyze this 2nd video by Mactel.

Mactel a new evil!
I want laugh show me the funny one
Another one

Aside from the piss taking which Mactel deserved look at how badly the music video was plagiarized, I mean they did not even try and made it suttle they just went straight out there and cloned the dam thing. Did they think nobody would notice was the some guys in the brainstorming session pitching their ideas "I know lets copy that postal service music video and just put some of our wow the future is here music over the top of it. Nobody will know we copied it if we just change the music!"

Usually companies will plagiarize the competitors adverts and revamp them to make them look better but it seems Mactel copied postal services video out of pure laziness, they could not be bothered to make their own real advert for it saw a good already used idea and used it. Maybe its some mass plan to sell Mactel computers I don't know only time will tell I just want the to be some court cases.

Let the horror begin!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Never Good Enough

Ever since broadband came out people have been obsessed with the speed of their internet connection, knowing that they can upgrade the high package when before there was no other real cost efficient alternative other than 56K dial up. But now broadband internet is beginning to finally sink in and its amazing potential has worn itself out. We start wondering when the next big think will be released, well its closer than you think.

A British designed internet system promises internet speeds of up to 2 gigabits a second that's right 2GB internet. This system is currently being tested in a variety of London households on media centre based computers which provide a combination of digital television and internet combined into a simple box. The system of where the heart of these speeds can be achieved is currently one of the most closely guarded places in Britain with over 140,000 square feet of fiber-optic cable in order to support such speeds. It is said that the whole of the Britannica encyclopedia can be downloaded within 7 seconds using this new system.

Who knows how long it will take for these systems to be put in place as standard or how much they will cost but we all know they will have massive implications. Eventually when network speeds now become the current speed of the internet the will be no more need to upgrade. The speed of file transfers will mean that waiting for downloads will a thing of the past and media can easily be accessed more or less instantly. The mass speeds of this type of internet would have massive implications on warez communities will cinema be affected once again due to these mass speeds and take another blow in the gut like when broadband was released.

It seems ever since the has been a choice to upgrade computer users experienced have been obsessed with the best the fastest connection despite the fact they don't need it. It seems a kind of internet like this will be a final solution to upgrades, but the question is if companies don't choose to downgrade the speeds first and then slowly jack them up to make the public want to upgrade. The internet speeds have always been varied and the general public don't understand that the speed of their downloads is only as fast as the speed of the machine the are downloading off.

The implications of a world striving for something better than the best will only be known when we relise we have gone too far, either that or things will just loose their novelty.