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Monday, February 27, 2006

TA Advertising

Many people sign up for the Territorial Army for many different reasons and for those who are not snagged by the nice do sod all and get paid idea there is those who are insulted by the adverts. Challenging unsuspecting blokes with ego complexes into joining the TA with the good old "waarrh your not ard enough" tactic, with many of their adverts saying things like "99.9% need not apply" and "be the best".

Here is I little block of text from the TA website I will comment on it in red:

"Life in the Territorial Army gives you everything you have in your normal job, plus a bit more threatening circumstances. More adventure. More Bloodshed. More opportunities. More money. More Death. You'll get the chance to try things you've never do anywhere else like shooting Arabs. You'll be able to get (and stay) fit if you manage to live. You'll experience new challenges like trying to stay alive, travel and adventure in Iraq. You’ll enhance your employability as a corpse. And you'll make friends with people you can trust and rely on and enjoy the fun of friendly fire. The TA because being blown to peices can be a part time job too."

Their relentless advertising schemes in schools and colleges bringing in members of the TA for them to talk about how great it is, being paid extra money for doing nothing risky at all. Attempting to get a large crowd orecruit'sruites as young as possible. Essentdisposableseable troops being sent into hostile situations like Iraq and being asked to do things which they have not been trained to do, quick fast solution instead of sending in real troops.

Territorial Army are only used when the gap needs to be filled which seems to be pretty much all the time. It seems the real army have other world commitments to take care of, so where are they then if they are not in Iraq why are the quickly trained knocked up Territorial Army covering them?


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