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Monday, February 06, 2006

Selling Fear

It appears the AOL advertisments for /discuss which a recently wrote about did have a ulterior motive. The advert highlights parts of the other advert talking about lack of privacy and then go's on to claim about AOL's fantastic anti spyware software. This is just in character of AOL to do scare people into using their software dependant hosting service because it has a badly made anti spyware program build into it.

But not only are AOL using this to sell their anti spyware software they are also raving about their amazing filtering software, otherwise your child is not safe on the internet and could get kidnapped by paedophiles. The advertisements continue in their more shorter "aiming to sell" advertisements instead of the primary "aiming to scare" advertisements which did not appear to show what they truly wanted. It seems that AOL did create discuss as an excuse to scare people into using their services instead of just raising a highly debatable point.

Now that AOL have shown the effectiveness of their advertisements there may be some more "scare to sell" advertisements out there soon who knows what for next. What other issues could force us to buy bad services or products like AOL's. Possibly McDonald's may release an advert talking about the dangers of anorexia with Ronald McDonald.


  • Who needs AOL's software solution? I have a hardware solution that will stop any virus's, spyware or adware programs ever entering your computer: remove the plug from the wall.

    By Blogger Tom Jemmett, at 10:35 AM  

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