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Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Chain Gangs

It emerged yesterday that prison chain gangs maybe used to help prepare for the Olympic games in London. Prisoners will be offered the unpaid work instead of being in their cell. Many victims say that criminals are getting off easy because of the government allowing them to do this work.

Personally it reminds me a awful lot of the shawshank redemption corrupted prison bosses undercutting other companies with their dirt cheap prison slave labor. I think that prisoners should not be offered such good work like helping set up hurdles and crash mats, the is fluently of unemployed people who would gladly work to help perform back breaking tasks of physical labor for small amounts of pay. It seems that Charles Clark British home secretary the man who proposed such an idea claims that it is much harder to do work than sit in a cell all day, which is wrong boredom is worse than labor.

The question we have to ask ourselves is does it matter that we may be exploiting these offenders? Have they lost their rights simply by being in jail and are reduced to slaves because of their utter boredom. The offer of work to any prisoner would be gladly accepted and the is no actual choice in the matter.

Mystery work should be offered in prisons like sewer cleaning and nuclear waste disposal, good work should not be given to those who are in jail.


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