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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Holocaust, What Holocaust?

David Irving yesterday finally receives a 3 year jail sentence in England for claims he made in 1989 about the events of the holocaust and the Nazi's final solution. Irving wrote along with his right wing political views about how the holocaust was a myth and never happened, in Austria to deny the holocaust and the systematic murder of millions of Jews is a serious crime. Which is how this sentence came about, despite Irvings attempts to worm his way out of the sentence he failed.

Irving being sent to prison for denying a piece of history, and the holocaust is a fact there is video footage, concentration camp photographs and eye witness accounts, which makes him more of a number 1 fictional novel writer than a historian. Possibly Irving should be locked away with David Icke (that's the guy that thinks the world is ruled by Jewish lizard people in disguise) they could compile a excellent novel together. Imagine the struggle of the Nazi's to defeat the evil lizard people by Dave and Dave.

But seriously both sides on this story are petty claims are arguments, you have one guy denying hard evidence to support the obvious and a court case against him because he is saying a certain piece of history never happened. I mean if he wants to deny it happened that's fine with me, he may just want to pretend it never happened because he does not like the thought of concentration camps. Personally I think the Austrian law against denial of the holocaust is a kick in the balls for Jews imagine the Jewish community that lives there being casually reminded of how Hitler destroyed a whole generation of their ancestors and they cant forget it.

Of course Irving is politically right wing and in essence supports the Nazi's denying the holocaust was his attempt at glorifying them or at least making them look slightly innocent.
In court Irving made a desperate last bid attempt to make himself look more innocent:
"I did not deny that millions of Jews were systematically killed, I denied that 60 million Jews were systematically killed"

I can understand why people would want to remember the final holocaust to educate a generation about how it must never happen again, but the might be some people that want to protect children from knowing about such things and Austria's laws prevents that. I think the should be a choice if you want to deny a piece of history because it is terrible ignorance is bliss. But personally I would rather remember the holocaust if your blind to the past decades ago you may aswell be blind to it 10 minutes ago.

Lets not forget France and the way they took the 1995-2001 Yahoo boss to court because Nazi insignia was being sold on its auction site and French buyers were able to access it. I wonder why France would want to deny the Nazi's and World War II it seems French laws preventing this are completely the opposite to the Austrian laws.

So deny important factual pieces of history if you want live in a happy world where nothing ever bad happens and you live in the moment, or to make things look better than they are.

Or face the facts and admit that bad things happens and that the Nazi's did systematically kill millions upon millions of Jewish people.

It seems some people (female conservative on question time) want to have the same Austrian laws placed into British law, despite the fact that Austria is far more sensitive to the matter than England. The reason why is because she believes it will stop anti-semitism, well its not its going to make it worse. When you stop people from saying 5 words "the holocaust never happened" your taking away freedom is speech so in a sense doing this is being rather like a fascist country. There is lots of other bad things which have happened in history why don't we make laws about says that Vietnam never happened or when that puppy fell out the tree and broke its neck. Locking people away for pretending things never happened is not going to solve anything, these people have to be proven that they did happen.

Should we really not allow people to forget bad things which happen? To not allow people the luxury of forgetting as long as some of us do remember?


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