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Friday, February 24, 2006

Google's Copyright Court Caper

Google have recently fell into trouble with a adult website company perfect 10 who claim Google is infringing on copyright by hosting thumbnail of pirated images from a illegal website. Despite the fact Google only hosts a very small thumbnail of the actually picture, and the full sized picture is actually on a illegal pirated website perfect 10 seemed to be set on taking them to course and suing them.

Google's image finding services has algorithms with automatically cache images into their servers and show the exact address, this service is completely automated so would people liable for what the servers did. I agree that the should be some human moderation over Google and it must be controlled in some way but blaming the company for breeching copyright by hosting very small thumbnail is pathetic of this adult website. Google are not angels as we recently found out from their China website auto filtering searches of human rights and freedom of speech. But it seems the adult website company are making a attempting to blame Google itself as a program.

Blaming a human for the actions of a web application is complete and uttering far fetched to win a court case. Which is one of the reasons why Perfect 10 did not win:

"Judge Harz concluded that the company's practice of linking to and displaying a copy of the website where it had found the image did not breach copyright, even in cases where the website it showed did not have rights to the pictures. He also said that Google was not secondarily liable for carrying the infringing images."

Although I do agree Google should not be held responsible for what their search engine finds I do think that when requested they should remove certain content if breeching laws or copyright. But of course this would have to be only in special cases not petty small things or Google would be swamped with requests.


  • It's a bit messey sueing on the grounds of a search engines results.

    You can imagine when they get to court, they type "perfect 10 pictures" in the search box, click enter and it pops up with "Photo Bucket Bandwidth Exceeded" or the good old "Illegal Operation"

    P.S. Link to my blog and give it a read.

    By Blogger a_worried_citizen, at 7:45 AM  

  • Its like trying to sue the internet for being a threat to privacy. You cant so you go for the next best thing internet hosts and the main domain mainframe.

    They should of targeted the pirates website just because Google gave a easy access pathway to the site is another matter. What viewing pleasure can you get from little thumb nails, companies can be so petty they could of just requested they were removed.

    Googles are giants of the internet did they expect to win?

    By Blogger scraggy, at 10:38 AM  

  • In degrees of scale it's like me sueing Microsoft for the inconvenience Windows has caused me over the years.

    It's just not going to happen is it?

    By Blogger a_worried_citizen, at 3:49 AM  

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