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Saturday, February 18, 2006

British Bullshite Corperation?

I have found out today that in a range of shopping stores through out Britain are now checking that their customers have a television licence before selling them any of the following:

TV Tuner / TV Capture Cards
DVD Recorders
Video Recorders
Televisions both Analog and Digital

The BBC seems to be the 2nd government of our nation the giants of television but TV licences are compulsory so every other terrestrial channel cannot be viewed legally without one. Some how the BBC managed to pass these acts through the government and now we find that we are being hunted down for watching televisions without BBC 1 and 2 tuned in because we do not have a licence. This is unfair for those who do not wish to view the BBC and do want to view every other terrestrial channel which has advertisements.

The manhunt begins for the non payers the BBC begin broadcasting their warning advertisements on their competitors channels. I am aware that the BBC is very important for the current quality of the British television if not but the BBC we would have ad saturated television like America, but another choice should be available for those cheap skates who do not wish to pay for BBC's services despite the fact they also apparently invest their money into certain city projects and help the community.

But just because the is no way of blocking users from watching the BBC it is forceful to charge channels people do not want, preventing people from turning on a television with a ariel because of 2 channels. A good example of the same situation would be I own a bakery you may not go within 200m of it if you do not want to get charged for the smell of my goods.
Man A: "but I have to go past the bakery to go to work"
Man BBC: "well you will be charged"

Getting back to my point of people without TV licences requiring televisions, Video and DVD recorders for other reasons than just watching television for example a way of recording and viewing CCTV or a education television simply made for the viewing of how to tapes and other such items.

It seems unfair to be that a person has to be poked and prodded and enquired before they can by a piece of equipment for legal purposes.

But with the era of digital television dawning and all analog broadcasters planned to be turned off by 2009 the may be a solution which can please both corporation and viewers, or possibly people will finally realize that the BBC don't actually look for people who do not pay their TV licence they just wait until people call in and rat on them, using their advertisement as a lazy solution to their small pocket money problem.

Which brings me on to how despite the good quality of the BBC broadcasting is they have a tendency to make everything as cheap as possible, which is one of the reasons why the is hardly any special effects in anything made by the BBC and when there is (for example Dr. Who they are far from visually stunning. Despite the mass amounts of money the BBC makes.

But despite all of that BBC television is the best quality out of the other 3 terrestrial channels, and channel 5 went down hill when it stopped showing those great bad quality sleeze softcore porn films on friday nights.


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