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Monday, February 27, 2006

TA Advertising

Many people sign up for the Territorial Army for many different reasons and for those who are not snagged by the nice do sod all and get paid idea there is those who are insulted by the adverts. Challenging unsuspecting blokes with ego complexes into joining the TA with the good old "waarrh your not ard enough" tactic, with many of their adverts saying things like "99.9% need not apply" and "be the best".

Here is I little block of text from the TA website I will comment on it in red:

"Life in the Territorial Army gives you everything you have in your normal job, plus a bit more threatening circumstances. More adventure. More Bloodshed. More opportunities. More money. More Death. You'll get the chance to try things you've never do anywhere else like shooting Arabs. You'll be able to get (and stay) fit if you manage to live. You'll experience new challenges like trying to stay alive, travel and adventure in Iraq. You’ll enhance your employability as a corpse. And you'll make friends with people you can trust and rely on and enjoy the fun of friendly fire. The TA because being blown to peices can be a part time job too."

Their relentless advertising schemes in schools and colleges bringing in members of the TA for them to talk about how great it is, being paid extra money for doing nothing risky at all. Attempting to get a large crowd orecruit'sruites as young as possible. Essentdisposableseable troops being sent into hostile situations like Iraq and being asked to do things which they have not been trained to do, quick fast solution instead of sending in real troops.

Territorial Army are only used when the gap needs to be filled which seems to be pretty much all the time. It seems the real army have other world commitments to take care of, so where are they then if they are not in Iraq why are the quickly trained knocked up Territorial Army covering them?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Google's Copyright Court Caper

Google have recently fell into trouble with a adult website company perfect 10 who claim Google is infringing on copyright by hosting thumbnail of pirated images from a illegal website. Despite the fact Google only hosts a very small thumbnail of the actually picture, and the full sized picture is actually on a illegal pirated website perfect 10 seemed to be set on taking them to course and suing them.

Google's image finding services has algorithms with automatically cache images into their servers and show the exact address, this service is completely automated so would people liable for what the servers did. I agree that the should be some human moderation over Google and it must be controlled in some way but blaming the company for breeching copyright by hosting very small thumbnail is pathetic of this adult website. Google are not angels as we recently found out from their China website auto filtering searches of human rights and freedom of speech. But it seems the adult website company are making a attempting to blame Google itself as a program.

Blaming a human for the actions of a web application is complete and uttering far fetched to win a court case. Which is one of the reasons why Perfect 10 did not win:

"Judge Harz concluded that the company's practice of linking to and displaying a copy of the website where it had found the image did not breach copyright, even in cases where the website it showed did not have rights to the pictures. He also said that Google was not secondarily liable for carrying the infringing images."

Although I do agree Google should not be held responsible for what their search engine finds I do think that when requested they should remove certain content if breeching laws or copyright. But of course this would have to be only in special cases not petty small things or Google would be swamped with requests.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Holocaust, What Holocaust?

David Irving yesterday finally receives a 3 year jail sentence in England for claims he made in 1989 about the events of the holocaust and the Nazi's final solution. Irving wrote along with his right wing political views about how the holocaust was a myth and never happened, in Austria to deny the holocaust and the systematic murder of millions of Jews is a serious crime. Which is how this sentence came about, despite Irvings attempts to worm his way out of the sentence he failed.

Irving being sent to prison for denying a piece of history, and the holocaust is a fact there is video footage, concentration camp photographs and eye witness accounts, which makes him more of a number 1 fictional novel writer than a historian. Possibly Irving should be locked away with David Icke (that's the guy that thinks the world is ruled by Jewish lizard people in disguise) they could compile a excellent novel together. Imagine the struggle of the Nazi's to defeat the evil lizard people by Dave and Dave.

But seriously both sides on this story are petty claims are arguments, you have one guy denying hard evidence to support the obvious and a court case against him because he is saying a certain piece of history never happened. I mean if he wants to deny it happened that's fine with me, he may just want to pretend it never happened because he does not like the thought of concentration camps. Personally I think the Austrian law against denial of the holocaust is a kick in the balls for Jews imagine the Jewish community that lives there being casually reminded of how Hitler destroyed a whole generation of their ancestors and they cant forget it.

Of course Irving is politically right wing and in essence supports the Nazi's denying the holocaust was his attempt at glorifying them or at least making them look slightly innocent.
In court Irving made a desperate last bid attempt to make himself look more innocent:
"I did not deny that millions of Jews were systematically killed, I denied that 60 million Jews were systematically killed"

I can understand why people would want to remember the final holocaust to educate a generation about how it must never happen again, but the might be some people that want to protect children from knowing about such things and Austria's laws prevents that. I think the should be a choice if you want to deny a piece of history because it is terrible ignorance is bliss. But personally I would rather remember the holocaust if your blind to the past decades ago you may aswell be blind to it 10 minutes ago.

Lets not forget France and the way they took the 1995-2001 Yahoo boss to court because Nazi insignia was being sold on its auction site and French buyers were able to access it. I wonder why France would want to deny the Nazi's and World War II it seems French laws preventing this are completely the opposite to the Austrian laws.

So deny important factual pieces of history if you want live in a happy world where nothing ever bad happens and you live in the moment, or to make things look better than they are.

Or face the facts and admit that bad things happens and that the Nazi's did systematically kill millions upon millions of Jewish people.

It seems some people (female conservative on question time) want to have the same Austrian laws placed into British law, despite the fact that Austria is far more sensitive to the matter than England. The reason why is because she believes it will stop anti-semitism, well its not its going to make it worse. When you stop people from saying 5 words "the holocaust never happened" your taking away freedom is speech so in a sense doing this is being rather like a fascist country. There is lots of other bad things which have happened in history why don't we make laws about says that Vietnam never happened or when that puppy fell out the tree and broke its neck. Locking people away for pretending things never happened is not going to solve anything, these people have to be proven that they did happen.

Should we really not allow people to forget bad things which happen? To not allow people the luxury of forgetting as long as some of us do remember?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

British Bullshite Corperation?

I have found out today that in a range of shopping stores through out Britain are now checking that their customers have a television licence before selling them any of the following:

TV Tuner / TV Capture Cards
DVD Recorders
Video Recorders
Televisions both Analog and Digital

The BBC seems to be the 2nd government of our nation the giants of television but TV licences are compulsory so every other terrestrial channel cannot be viewed legally without one. Some how the BBC managed to pass these acts through the government and now we find that we are being hunted down for watching televisions without BBC 1 and 2 tuned in because we do not have a licence. This is unfair for those who do not wish to view the BBC and do want to view every other terrestrial channel which has advertisements.

The manhunt begins for the non payers the BBC begin broadcasting their warning advertisements on their competitors channels. I am aware that the BBC is very important for the current quality of the British television if not but the BBC we would have ad saturated television like America, but another choice should be available for those cheap skates who do not wish to pay for BBC's services despite the fact they also apparently invest their money into certain city projects and help the community.

But just because the is no way of blocking users from watching the BBC it is forceful to charge channels people do not want, preventing people from turning on a television with a ariel because of 2 channels. A good example of the same situation would be I own a bakery you may not go within 200m of it if you do not want to get charged for the smell of my goods.
Man A: "but I have to go past the bakery to go to work"
Man BBC: "well you will be charged"

Getting back to my point of people without TV licences requiring televisions, Video and DVD recorders for other reasons than just watching television for example a way of recording and viewing CCTV or a education television simply made for the viewing of how to tapes and other such items.

It seems unfair to be that a person has to be poked and prodded and enquired before they can by a piece of equipment for legal purposes.

But with the era of digital television dawning and all analog broadcasters planned to be turned off by 2009 the may be a solution which can please both corporation and viewers, or possibly people will finally realize that the BBC don't actually look for people who do not pay their TV licence they just wait until people call in and rat on them, using their advertisement as a lazy solution to their small pocket money problem.

Which brings me on to how despite the good quality of the BBC broadcasting is they have a tendency to make everything as cheap as possible, which is one of the reasons why the is hardly any special effects in anything made by the BBC and when there is (for example Dr. Who they are far from visually stunning. Despite the mass amounts of money the BBC makes.

But despite all of that BBC television is the best quality out of the other 3 terrestrial channels, and channel 5 went down hill when it stopped showing those great bad quality sleeze softcore porn films on friday nights.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Chain Gangs

It emerged yesterday that prison chain gangs maybe used to help prepare for the Olympic games in London. Prisoners will be offered the unpaid work instead of being in their cell. Many victims say that criminals are getting off easy because of the government allowing them to do this work.

Personally it reminds me a awful lot of the shawshank redemption corrupted prison bosses undercutting other companies with their dirt cheap prison slave labor. I think that prisoners should not be offered such good work like helping set up hurdles and crash mats, the is fluently of unemployed people who would gladly work to help perform back breaking tasks of physical labor for small amounts of pay. It seems that Charles Clark British home secretary the man who proposed such an idea claims that it is much harder to do work than sit in a cell all day, which is wrong boredom is worse than labor.

The question we have to ask ourselves is does it matter that we may be exploiting these offenders? Have they lost their rights simply by being in jail and are reduced to slaves because of their utter boredom. The offer of work to any prisoner would be gladly accepted and the is no actual choice in the matter.

Mystery work should be offered in prisons like sewer cleaning and nuclear waste disposal, good work should not be given to those who are in jail.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Selling Fear

It appears the AOL advertisments for /discuss which a recently wrote about did have a ulterior motive. The advert highlights parts of the other advert talking about lack of privacy and then go's on to claim about AOL's fantastic anti spyware software. This is just in character of AOL to do scare people into using their software dependant hosting service because it has a badly made anti spyware program build into it.

But not only are AOL using this to sell their anti spyware software they are also raving about their amazing filtering software, otherwise your child is not safe on the internet and could get kidnapped by paedophiles. The advertisements continue in their more shorter "aiming to sell" advertisements instead of the primary "aiming to scare" advertisements which did not appear to show what they truly wanted. It seems that AOL did create discuss as an excuse to scare people into using their services instead of just raising a highly debatable point.

Now that AOL have shown the effectiveness of their advertisements there may be some more "scare to sell" advertisements out there soon who knows what for next. What other issues could force us to buy bad services or products like AOL's. Possibly McDonald's may release an advert talking about the dangers of anorexia with Ronald McDonald.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Danish Cartoons

Rows deepen and Muslim protest turns to attacks which destroy the Danish embassy in Lebanon after cartoons insulting of the Muslim prophet Mohammed were published in a Danish newspaper. Fortunately Lebanon decided to take action by evacuating the embassy before hand, it appears little Denmark were slighty dazed and confused that they had offended more people than 1000x population of their country.

The protest outside the Danish embassy quickly turned to violence which then ended up with the Danish embassy in flames. It has been said that some the protests were turned into violence by some of the militants within the crowd holding messages which were inciting violence and terrorisum. It is unknown how long these violent protests or as some call them revenge attacks will last for, but it appears that the Muslim community are taking it pretty hard.

Who knows what the future now holds for Denmark and its public. Terrorism in Denmark, bombings of the Danish Underground rail systems? If I were Denmark I would be very concerned about the safety and state of security that my country is in and all because of a cartoonist and the Danish version of The Sun.