Peace Bomb

Monday, January 23, 2006

Russia's Gas

It appears that Britain's independence is slowly slipping out of our hands, as we stop using coal a alternative has to be found with less pollution in order to follow the Kyoto protocol. Nuclear power would be a excellent option until the protests began Greenpeace was the people responsible this time, ironically as they were raining pieces of yellow paper down with anti nuclear slogans (possibly unrecycled) on Tony Blair and many MP's who had gathered for a energy review. This energy review included a discussion which may have led and still may lead to nuclear power. This is the point where Greenpeace quickly took action "did we hear the word nuclear!" and immediaty assume Tony is going to start smashing atoms the day he gets the chance, but this was simply going to be spoke about. It seems that already the is going to be lots of trouble getting started with nuclear power before the notion has even been carried forward, thus begins the nuclear debate with bad results on the online poll already.

Which brings me onto the gas being piped from Russia and Russia's monopolizing of it. Russia owning 1/5 of the planet Earth and recently invested in natural gas plants are destined for success. But now Russia have something that we all want and they are beginning cut of supplies already and create massive price fluctuations in order to maximize profit, it seems if we consider Russia as a source of energy we are simply going to be teased and staved from the gas we need so desperately like a whore staved from crack. Russia will not be a reliable supplier for the future and have proven this already.

This is why I believe that nuclear power is one of our only alternative. I refuse to fall down on my knees and beg for gas like Greenpeace will do in order to escape nuclear power. Then of course we have the other environmentalists who believe that wind and wave power will power the whole country. These environmentalists are of course the most unrealistic, I don't think that they understand that adopting nuclear power once again will actually help the environment once the many deadly waste products are disposed of. Simply because it seems scary it is being steered away from people assume that nothing has been learnt since chernobyl, despite the fact it was because of undertrained staff and a fault in the soviet reactor.

Environmentalists have to understand that if we continue using coal or gas one way or another we are going to have problems and nuclear power is one of our only options to stay independent.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Marriage & Santicy

Recently, well a few weeks ago now I was informed on the news about gay marriage being legalized which in I had no strong view about. I am not the sort of people to be married myself I do not believe that vows and services enforce the integrity of a relationship nor set a firm foundation for children to be raised on, although it does is get rid of an annoying last name and possibly replace it with another. Days after the new marriage laws the was a uproar from a number of different people claiming the santicy of marriage was being damaged by allowing two of the same sex to be married and that marriage needs to be saved.

It appears to me that it was too late to save marriage a long time ago, maybe it had some dignity 100's of years ago but now divorce rates are at a all time high of 80% in England, not to mention all the sleazy drunken marriages and sham marriages. If we are talking about the santicy of marries as a whole then gay marriage has been legal in many other countries for a long time and nobody seem to protest about them then. It seems the publics concerns only exists because they are now no longer not out of site and mind. Most of the time now I only see marries and something sleazy like a casino marriage in Las Vegas, a prime example of this is Britney Spears marrying a Texan stranger she met of her alcohol induced state wearing a baseball cap and jeans. They got divorced the next day oh how beautiful marriage is!

What does gay marriage mean for this country you ask? It means a even higher divorce rate and grown men fighting over which one will have the new leather furniture they brought when married.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Msn Generation

It appears that Msn (Microsoft Network) have cultivated a evil which has allowed people to learn nothing on a computer. Msn Messenger, messenger or msn we all use it, its addictive and it has spawned a generation of people who use a computer simply for the means of talking to other people on "msn". Microsoft's idiot proofing of software may be seen as a fantastic development in the computer industry, but this becomes a problem when idiots gain access to the internet. These are dubbed Msn Generation are the people who become unwilling members of botnets and host a array of spyware and malware of their computers, and they don't even care because they can still use Msn Messenger.

Talking to their so called friends about subjects along the same lines each day and using the phrase "lol" (laugh out loud) every sentence, despite what was said is not funny or amusing in the slightest. The Msn Generation are the kind who you find are always on and always participating in some kind of mindless conversation. These people also tend to have mass contact lists with people who they don't even know. I cannot understand why you would want to permanently communicate with somebody.

In my view people are shits and as little communicate in real life as possible is required without having the idiots trying to communicate with you over the internet as well.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Chickens or the Eggs?

I've always thought vegetarians that do not eat meat because of animals rights, yet consume eggs are rather hypocritical. I have no problems with people that do not eat meat because they simply don't like that taste of it and eat eggs for protein. But when people steer away from meat for the rights of animals yet eat eggs, eating a egg is essentially eating the fetus of a unborn animal in liquid form. Despite the fact that this may not look like a animal when cracked open into a bowl it is fact. It seems to me that maybe animal rights vegetarians that eat eggs only care if what they are eating cannot be seen moving in anyway before it was processed for consumption, "as long as it shows no signs of life it does not matter".

Essentially if these egg eating vegetarians are concerned about animals so much by eating eggs they are in a sense agreeing with human abortion by saying that the contents are the egg(s) were never alive. Therefore in essence if animal rights vegetarians care about animals so much they must hold their rights of animals and humans close together, so this means that the contents of a 32 week pregnant woman's womb is not alive either.

If a animal rights vegetarians value the rights of a animals so much then why do they allow the unborn children of chickens to be stolen and eaten, like the snatching of a baby from a woman's womb to be consume. How closely interlinked can they be with human rights if they allows this to happen? Purely in my opinion if you are not a vegan you don't care that much about animals.

Myself I enjoy chicken fetus in the mornings regularly I also enjoy most meats fish, beef, poultry, game and a combination of dog, seagull and badger all combined into the meat at local fast food restaurants. I don't care about animals I would like to but they just taste too nice.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


AOL - America Online

It appears AOL have actually made something good, an advertisement ashame it does not promote their ISP. The new advert shows the potential dangers of the internet and appears to be very powerful, I was actually upset that the advertisement is affiliated with AOL and would rather it be associated no company at all. In this advert AOL uses the fear that unhinged psycho's and followers of the Nazi party will use the internet to spread their lies and propaganda to create a army. The advertisement has a Orwell 1984 style about it showing that we are having our privacy robbed from us because of the internet and everything we do is processed, finally finishing with the "some people think the internet is a bad thing, what do you think?".

It appears to be that AOL are purposely putting fear into the hearts of many by blowing up potential problems that the internet has and even hinting at terrorism, and all this is done in order to promote their /discuss website. Despite the fact AOL did make a fantastic advertisement it had no purpose other than people to talk about the subject they raised. Showing a army marching in unison, Osama Laden and nuclear bombs detonating showing this as a potential threat because of the internet is a very strong image to see and show for a simple website for discussion.

My point is that AOL have created this powerful advertisement simply for people to talk about the issue they have raised with no intent to improve the internet in any way. To me it seems a waste of good material it is shocking but does nothing but make us fear the internet and make it seem like we are always being watched. Making themselves look squeaky clean by building in child protection control into their software dependent internet service.

The internet will always be dangerous and is full of dangerous information and people which are able to communicate with each other in confidence knowing they will not be caught, because of encryption terrorists and other dangerous groups, despite the NSA reading through many millions of emails each day . The internet robs our piracy and at the same time gives us more than we already have with communication safer than speech.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

80% Off!

PC World is an evil in this world which it seems will never disappear, the overpriced products patronizing idiotic adverts. Lets take some quotes from the adverts "Pentium 4 processor with Hyperthreading technology!" this attempts to dazzle the poor customer with new words like 'Hyperthreading' said in a patronizing way by a female member of staff. The truth is and PC world know it, is that the public don't know what hyperthreading and a lot of the public who are not completely competent in computers are unsure of the measurement of space in any form whether gigabyte of megabyte. Which is one of the reasons why PC world have became successful giving computers to people who know nothing about them just like the employees, PC world enables people to walk into stores and say "give me a computer" and simply get one with no questions of specifications, price or any other kind of variable. The fact that frustrates me is the way PC world can rip people off because they are undereducated about the price of computers and their advertisements allow the public to come to them first.

PC World also have other tricks up their sleeve for example they boast 80% off which is true PC world products do have 80% off because they raise them 80% the day before showing this amazing offer. This is actually legal but a very dishonest and dirty way of selling in a sense you are being tricked by PC world into thinking a product is cheaper than it is.

PC World only appears to sell one type of processor inside their computers which is Intel's processors, Amd has no place on the shelfs of PC world. Which gives me the impression that PC World are a corporate as Microsoft and Intel themselves.

Lets take a look at the small comments of the computers on PC worlds website:

"The Huge 1GB memory and high-speed processor mean the 1629 can handle anything you throw at it."

Huge is not really a very technical word used to describe a computers RAM and high-speed is such a accurate word. Would you really want to buy a computer off these people? Click here to view the page I was viewing.

"Unbeatable Power PC with 512MB memory."

Now wait a second here "Unbeatable " that means it cannot be beaten but on the same page you say "The Huge 1GB memory and high-speed processor mean the 1629 can handle anything you throw at it" this is very contradicting how can 512MB beat 1024MB it makes no sense at all.

Thus concluding pc world are overpriced, undertrained and dishonest.