Peace Bomb

Friday, December 30, 2005


Today I'm going to talk about charity collectors and how I hate them. The collectors that are never happy unless you really do bleed yourself dry until your are a charity case yourself the charities will never be happy. The worst kind of the charities ones which don't even make a effort to sell anything for a stupidly high price they just beg, tramps and homeless can beg for themselves without the help of disturbingly happy charity workers. Then you don't give a collector money, you say "I have just given £20 to cancer research" then they start accusing you of either wanting to kill the world or hating starving africans or even being a terrorist.

What fucking idiot decided to stop the charity workers from shaking their collection boxes that was the only warning we had, when your at work and you hear the sound of lose change rattling against plastic you could run and hide. But now the is no escape now in streets and at work we are not safe no early warnings.

The worst kind of charity you are ever to come face to face with is the mass charity where people run around with large banners and matching t-shirts, I like to call it a locust effect sweeping the streets they patrol taking money off every man, woman and child, afterwards you feel like you have almost being raped or molested the brutal politenesss of their demandss then their ultimate phrase "oh you must have something". If we gave all of our money to charities then we will become the charity case and nobody wants to be a charity case. I suggest you give things which cost nothing like a patronising smile and your time becuase everybody knows 90% of the money is lost paying the admin costs anyway.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Let's Save the World!

Recently well I say 'recently' for the past 4 years the has been a lot in the media about the environment and how we are destroying it and how we will all die. But you cant have fun if you don't sacrifice something can you now? You can't get drunk without damaging your liver or smoke without tarring your lungs a little, and as we have fun drinking and smoking and maybe doing a few lines of coke we do consider what about my health will I die young? Then you think its worth it may aswell have some fun, besides what's life if you don't enjoy it?

Why can't we adopt this same attitude with planet Earth it seems everyone is having a problem accepting that like ourselves this planet is going to crash and burn. I mean the sun is going to engulf us in a fiery inferno at some point so might aswell speed up the process. We are being told to recycle and switch our TV's off standby at night time, the reason why we are doing this is to save the next generation so they can live in a world which is not a post apocalyptic nightmare. Personally I think it is quite selfish of the next generation of unborn children to make us change our comfortable life style just for the sake of breathable air and sunlight.

I think to stop this suffering of the next generation from happening we as a planet should simply stop reproducing and let our species die out this way we can pollute the world to our hearts content and not have to worry about the consequences not that we do already when the fate of a generation is at stake but it will rest on our minds more easily and stop environmentalists from nagging. This would also solve every problem to do with illness and suffering in the world the prevention of reproduction may have to be forced upon the public somehow i.e the accidental spillage of uranium into the water supply which leads to sterility of all males and females.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Bus Back Seats

If anybody lives in the west midlands they will understand the pain of getting onto a bus to hear the tinny sound of bad quality rap music coming from the back of the bus. Chav's have embraced loud speaker phone technology and made it into something we hate. Why did those mobile phone manufactures have to develop those loudspeakers, but we have not reached the most evil part of mobile phone speaker development yet. The mobile subwoofer is still to be unleashed upon the world of mobile phones and chav culture.

Sharing of music should be done illegally on the internet and not out of speakers from the back of a bus. The funny thing is almost all mobile phones come with earphones so in a sense they have just decided to force the music upon us. Much in the same way of preachers force religion up on us my shouting in our faces to repent. My solution to this is for very loud elevator music to be permanently played drowning out any ghetto tunes.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Marines Abuse

Did anybody see those videos on the news of bullying in the marines. The bad quality video of two naked soldiers flighting with what looked like pipes on their arms and a surgeon kicking one of them in the head, is the really any more proof that the forces are all very homosexual and the video was only intended for personal use. Instead of the person helping the two victims, he simply stands recording with his mobile like a 14 year old records a happy slapping.

Nobody was shocked about what they saw because the video was no more extreme than your average happy slapping, but everybody was amazed to see what NHS workers do in their spare time apart from smoking. Investigating the effects are naked fist and pipe flighting an important health study secretly being undertook is my best guess why the surgeon was at the scene.

I think this naked flighting is a important part of the training for soldiers being sent to Iraq preparing them for warfare of the most unpleasant kind, naked pipe arm flighting is an often occurrence in Iraq I'm sure aswell as the calming sounds of Kalashnikov fire. As far as being naked for air force or navy training I'm not so sure.

Click here to see some images of the video if your blind to the world around you.