Peace Bomb

Monday, November 28, 2005

Eternal Youth

When your watching television or at least when I am, I always see adverts for "Skin rejuvenating oil" or "Wrinkle reduction cream" or some or kind of miracle youth maintaining substance that woman are so interested in. Well none of the stuff works and I think that all women and girls should know that they are going to grow old and their public hairs are going to go grey, they should also know they are going to become incontinent and require tena lady incontinence products.

The tena lady website shows incontinence as such a innocent thing "sometimes when I laugh I tend to piss myself but I'm still young of course I am yes, yes I'm young!". I mean just look here such cleverly weaved lies to make the website look young and hip. The only people that visit this site are the head sisters of nursing homes who wish to bulk order large amounts of incontinence pads.

Anti ageing products are made with the wrong ingredients and shoe contain the skin of babies. This may actually help women's skin look younger and become more stable, not that I have a problem with women's faces or skin its just they do. But every time I suggest this to olay and garnier fructis they seem to turn me away despite my evidence to support that crushed up baby skin may actually help slow down the ageing process.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bird Flu

What's happening with bird flu the has been no more big "The End is Nigh" headlines published for a while. I think its just going to fizzle out just like SARS and BSE. What happened to SARS all those documentary's about it and how it could kill a nation and then nothing happened and everybody forgot about it.

Personally I think it would be interesting if bird flu took hold of Britain and it became a post apocalyptic wasteland. Giant mutant chickens may be able to run the country better, making better use of illegal immigrants by giving them the jobs that nobody wants instead of all the fun ones. But then again would immigrates still come to a country ruled by giant Nazi chickens? Its a choice between their current human dictator or 2 legged fowl.

I'm sure everyone felt so comforted when Trever McDonald said "the government says they have sufficient suppose enough for 10,0000 vaccinations". Well that gives me a peace of mind 80,000000 people in Britain and 10,0000 vaccinations, I wonder who will get them first.

First Blog Post

I used to write blogs to myself and I created a website with them compiled but there was too many shit web hosts around which were ad saturated, so I decided to just use personal blog software instead.

I new that this web site ( existed for some time a never thought of using it. A flash presentation inspired me to use it and a very powerful presentation it was. This presentation (I call it this because the amount of real animated movement was at a low) was about Google becoming such a mass source of information that it lead to the collapse of the New York Times.

Click here to see the flash presentation

In my opinion I don't think it could have been made any better merging history with fiction leaving viewers confused and worried, especially those working at the New York Times or any other kind of media.